week 4 artist research

Tom Friedman

He is the super conceptual artist, he creat the sculpture is amazing and gives more example for me to make the pencil sculpture.

Super conceptual artist, Tom Friedman!This one pencils cut at 45-degree angles and glued in a continuous loop

These give me the new idea for collect candy , and from Tom I know collection is not important than make a new collection object, his idea was crazy and his made with energy and tension. he can make the collection not like the groceries heap, and makes in new idea and very beauty.

tom friedman working on his installation at the prada fondation, milan 2002 courtesy fondazione prada ‘untitled’, 1999 soap and pubic hair 

Christian Boltanski

Boltanski began creating mixed media/materials installations with light as essential concept. Tin boxes, altar-like construction of framed and manipulated photographs

he has worked with the ephemera of the human experience, from obituary photographs to rusted biscuit tins. Several of Boltanski’s projects have used actual lost property from public spaces, such as railway stations, creating collections which memorialise the unknown owners in the cacophony of personal effects.

One of the beauties of my life is that I never work. I’m lazy and I have no other way to work. I teach this to my students: you must wait and hope – there’s nothing else you can do. And when you have an idea, you can do it in ten minutes.’

‘Nobody comes here – I don’t like it when people come here. There is nothing to see – most of the time I give interviews at a cafe in Paris, and it’s good. I’m so far from Paris, here in Malakoff, people don’t know where it is. I consider this room to be my studio, but really there’s nothing here. It’s like a place where you live. The only useful thing about the studio is that after some time you can imagine something, a forest, for example: I walk in it and today it is nothing for me, but perhaps in two weeks it will become something.’

He is a special artist , he makes sculpture by himslef not for the frame and money. his object express the human side in another way. it gives me image for make things use the side way to consideration and make thing for I really love it.

Annette Messager

she is the magic artist and make the magic object, she made things is warm and tidy looks comfortable, firm with soft

This piece is the basis for our first project. This is My Vows by Annette Messager, 1999. I did a little research on the piece in regards to the original presentation of the piece and what it is made up of as well as possible meanings for it. The piece is constructed of photographs, black paper, string and pushpins and then it is suspended.The latter idea is something I would like to further explore, the idea of both religion, prayers and a chapel of sorts combined with the idea of the body. I was considering thinking of the body itself also being a temple or a church and adding that to my own interpretation. Since I tend to approach religion from an agnostic perspective and occasionally more negative sense, I’d certainly like to add an element of negativity to this, maybe the idea of fruitless prayers as though whispering into the dark. I am currently unsure whether to go with the idea of the body or fruitless prayers. I feel the relationship aspect or interpretation of the piece is something that will be picked up by many and for me, this theme holds little interest.Annette Messager has produced over four decades. The French artist specialises in works that are both accessible and sinister, monstrous but funny. she make object have the line beauty. her collection more likely exhibition.

Simryn Gill

Simryn Gill’s “Forking Tongues” popup_800I’d really like this one, it’s collecting by fork however she make it more like the picture of aboriginal totems painting, also it looks like sun rainbow in the abstract way thinking.

This work of Simryn Gill considers questions of place and history, and how they might intersect with personal and collective experience. Using objects, language and photographs, her work conveys a deep interest in material culture, and in the ways that meaning can transform and translate in different contexts.Through the reinterpretation or alteration of existing objects, the photographing of specific locations and the forming of collections, Gill contemplates how ideas and meanings are communicated between people, objects and sites.

this gives me the inpiration for collecting candy again, different ways convey the idea in differnt artist, ball is the circle shape and different size it looks cute when it stay together. collection is also a kind of art.

 Donna Marcus

this one gives me the idea for make a candy in a new big ball or big candy,another difficult way for made these is how to make it like a ball shape in circle. she made this more like a hydrangea

Marcus-1.gifThe 15 spheres of Steam

from second-hand shops, Marcus likes the way recycled materials bring memories of their past uses to a new context.

Steam was based on Fall, an earlier work made of vegetable steamers. These works referred to the geodesic domes of 1940s architect and inventor, Buckminster Fuller. The company Cheras was engaged to fabricate 7000 steamers; Queensland Spinners pressed 480 plates; a hole-drilling machine created a million holes; and Everything Metal bolted the plates together and welded the steamers in place.

She is a good user for kitchen and is a good artise for make collection together with beauty shape.Donna’s work included in this post is from 2006 a series called Parlour it can be seen on dianne tanzer gallery site. It is a collection of work that uses found domestic objects repeated to create beautiful compositions of colour, shape and pattern from everyday objectsthe ones used in this series are anodised aluminium saupan lids.



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