week 6 contionue photo reaearch

so I have the trouble in make the photo in video, and I write down here to show what I feel in my photo. one is for walk on the skittles and other one is type the skittles one the keyboard.

when I walk on the skittles that makes feel a little bit sticky cause my feet temperature is melt the candy makes it sticky, and when I move , the skittles are rolling in everywhere makes me itch and it’s really interesting, and when I take off my feet from the shoe inside skittles, some of the skittles sticky on my feet.

I want to see how many type on the keyboard so I put the skittles on the keyboard, then I type the words on the skittle, it’s really slide and out of control, the skittles running everywhere and really difficult to type. however, it’s more interesting than type the keyboard.



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