art post art led crystal sculpture

LED Crystal Sculpture Lamp 1LED Crystal Sculpture Lamp 1LED Crystal Sculpture Lamp 3LED Crystal Sculpture Lamp 4LED Crystal Sculpture Lamp 5 LED crystal sculpture lamp, be applicable to the outdoor, with efficient water proofing property, appearance beautiful symmetry, is decoration lighting  of the necessary lamps and lanterns.

With 30 years of model-making experience for original film and TV clients at their disposal, Asylum Models & Effects has lately been expanding into fabrication work for art installations, visual merchandising, product prototyping and private commissions

Approached by a client with a serious need for a crystal-encrusted lighting source, Asylum’s crew of 24 model and  effect artists— a team that has tackled everything from snails to giant humans carved out from a CNC machine— divvied up the project according to respective skill sets, and began constructing the base structure to fit their custom electronics into. With 2,912 LED modules, each containing 3 lights a piece, the team used a total of 8,736 individual LED’s to give their client over 16 million programable color choices.

With almost 9,000 lights, and the long-term, domestic nature of the installation weighing down on Asylum, the team decided to install a full Linux computer into the sculpture. Beefed up for added reliability with a series of unique PCB boards, and WiFi support, the embedded computer is accessible via a webpage from the client’s mobile phone, allowing, as Asylum states, “the client to customise colours and patterns at a click of a button.”

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Winter can be tough and cruel on one hand, yet delicate and beautiful on the other. The Lasvit Frozen Branches design by Táňa Dvořáková celebrates winter’s softer side. Perhaps the most spectacular of all, a glittering frosting adheres to each of the 44 branches, illuminated by soft blue moonlight, which is amplified by crystal and LEDs. The Frozen Branches sculpture is radiant and comprised of more than 270,000 crystals that vary in size from 7.9m to 15.6m. Reference: The Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

these I choose for the home set crystal with led light, also the led crystal usually made for lamp or the furniture, it also can be the sculpture is the crystal sculpture. I like these kind of sculpture that makes people life more fantastic and beauty. these sculpture gives me the insprition make the new led sculpture. not like these so huge and only can set in cannot touch makes people feel away and it gives people feeling a little bit cold. I want to make something feel warm and shiny and can touch it directly.



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