week 1 RF

Todd Hido 

(American, born 1968)

2077, from the series House Hunting, 1997


Source (website:http://www.americansuburbx.com/2009/09/theory-todd-hido-art-of-darkness.html)

I like this photo because he shot the peaceful, when I find his artwork I find he like shot at night and no light space, he like use the room like or road light give the photo bright. When he shot this photo, he still uses the light for road and weakness room light give him the camera exposure. It’s a good idea for using the electricity light not the nature light. His photo from bright to dark in house to road, it shot in midnight, we cannot see any car just can feel the night gives us the peace. This photo in blue more that makes feel cold, also the cold color can show the peace more. He stands behind the light and shot the house makes house and road brighter like in the noon. I like the photo color from near to far in dark and weak. It makes picture a kind of outspread feeling.

Fox Grom


Walk on water

Source (Website: http://mashable.com/2015/03/31/husky-jesus/)

I’d like his shot cause it can makes me into the magic world, his shot the sky parallel folded in the lake, the dog walk on the water, the light in the image is not too much, but I think this photo important is picture completely folded in half, we can see the sky folded by lake and dog shadow folded. It’s different shot skill than others, these use the Photoshop but the skill not makes me feel too much, his shot defiantly in certain and I love the dog, everyone knows not anyone can walk on the water but he did it. He use the dog to be the actor and add the wave of water, it makes the photo like in the fairy place, and the color like the aurora.



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