week 10 RF

Burt Glinn

American, b. 1925, d. 2008

  1. 1959. Belvoir Castle. Ball for Debut of Lindy GUINESS


This photo seems long years ago and in black and white, man took his wife to the parking lot. The photo seems drop overall and all things separate the picture in two part, the high part nothing in sky back ground, and the low part fill in by car field and couple. This photo makes feel amiable, the couple holding each other’s hand to the parking place feeling very happiness. The photo showing the age couple happiness life and can give people confidence. Also the photo seems not very clear focus but I still can see the story very clear. The point is couple going to the car and the other is all background, but the background not too mach things that can makes couple more prominent


German, born 1955


Cultural Avenue,Ratingen, 1987


This photo was in the summer swimming pool, photographer alignment under sitting chair shot this fun moment. Photographer shot all people in the photo so we can see more background for grass field landscape and pool, usually summer color is more bright but this photo is very neutralization, it seems a little dark than the original color add more warm color and more brown, photographer shot the forest in makes view more extensive, it contrast with the people relax sitting on chair in the photo under, it’s interesting the photographer not put the view color more bright and changed it dark, makes feel people in the swimming more relax than in the sunny day.



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