week 11 RF

Kotori Kawashima

The Japanese poetic photographer

No title

Source (website: http://cargocollective.com/jtaimefashionmusic/kotori-kawashima)

I think this girl emotion was really cute then I choose it, the photographer show the photo in more green and less red makes me think the Japanese life. The girl sitting on the chair and do the grimace after her drink the water or something I don’t know. The photographer shot this moment very rare. She shows the Japanese life more. And her shot is very comfortable showing the Japanese life makes me feel like in home. The girls really cute and she can catch this moment show the real life in Japanese children’s life. She lens focus on the baby face and use the kitchen for background is really show the life photo. Also, the life photo showing in home is defiantly perfect

Mika Ninagawa

born October 18, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan, Japanese photographer

Mika Ninagawa: Liquid Dreams 1

Liquid dream

Source (website: http://www.dianliwenmi.com/postimg_4896223.html)

I find her shot is more special, usually the photographer not use the color too much and also not add many colors in but she did, also she did is not strange, she shot the goldfish and I can see the color more red, more green and more yellow, the color in her photo was really bright, the title for liquid dream is like our dream with bubbles wait us to become true. I’d like she shot the fish in the water not in the bottle, her shot the fish also not real like the goldfish and I think they have the human’s brain and want their dream come true. Her shot fish very enjoyable and swim very comfortable. And her shot all the fish not focus one is one important I find. And she shot the fish all not clear but we still can see the fish body move very beautiful.



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