week 2 RF

Stephen Gill

(Born in Bristol, 1971)

A street in Hackney

Hackney Street PR

Source (Website:http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2010/mar/03/photography-stephen-gill-best-shot)

I choose this photo because I’d like the thing have sense of perspective, I find when his shot he really like put another things on the focus things, this is his best one shot for this style. It’s really interesting covering the glass shot the street, usually we just shot the street not use anything on or other background afraid it destroy the beautiful view. This photo feels like old age photo, his shot in yellow color can make photo more age feel. From his shot, I learning not only use the tress or building for background, I still can use light or glass covering for background to make the shot.

Jesse Marlo

Melbourne photographer

The home of street

Source (website: http://www.jessemarlow.com/portfolio/street-bw/)

I’d like this photo shot for this cool grandpa, he might sitting in somewhere like McDonald, the big circle table make the more cool, we can see the grandpa background is the wall have more line drawing, he sitting wearing sunglass and wearing suit with old American style. I really like the cool grandpa in this photo and photographer use the background also cool, it balance with the cool grandpa. He use the black and white makes view more silent and serious like the face emotion of grandpa. I understand the background is important same as the focus things. And if not have a correct background we still cannot shot a good photo.



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