week 4 RF

Cornell Capa

American, b. Hungary 1918, d. 2008

USA. New York. 1949. The funeral of William “Bojangles” Robinson.

Source (website:http://www.magnumphotos.com/C.aspx?VP3=CMS3&VF=MAGO31_10_VForm&ERID=24KL53ZYFH)

I find I research the photo lots for black and white, I thought the black and white photo can show the years more. This photo is showing the more also this is for the William funeral. It’s the time very serious, photographer shot the photo from people’s feet extend to the hearse. And this view showing more, people’s feet all elevate above the soil wait for the William. They stand very close to the road want to see the car move and want to see the William last time. This kind of funeral is very successful for the William; more people know him and want to see him for the last time. And the photographer shot this moment very suit. Only the other people seeing can show how the dead people important. The photo very solemn and very shot focus in the path, the right side of photo is not clear and the car same. The shot skill for shot the funeral is also very special; the photographer uses another sight showing this moment is very novelty.

Mark Power

British, b. 1959

POLAND. 2004. Upper Silesia. Zabrze. Housing.


I find this image for Power and I think this is the best one I like, I like his image color all for green, his photo for the street, but the trees more attack, I can see the image color clear become not clear from the near trees to far trees, near trees color more green and the near house also but a bit more dark green than near trees, the dark green house color same as the second line trees, usually the green color add more makes photo strange, but he only changed near trees color more green is much better. The second line house we can see it’s really not clear, but Power changed behind trees a little green makes photo not strange. At last, I really like the photo in green makes me feel comfortable looking.



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