week 5 RF

Eve Arnold

American, 1912 – 2012

USA. 1952. New York City. Marlene Dietrich at the recording studios of Columbia Records.


I love this women in this photo, and this image shot for people, I think this women’s back it’s really mysterious from photographer shot, the photo for black and white and shows the age feel, the women in photo have the afternoon tea seems she have something makes her worried, she’s sitting model is really beautiful, I think the shadow can makes photo have more story, the photo show the women back and hair shinny, I think this is the women’s best place for looking, I don’t know what she look like, but only the back looking I’m sure she is the beautiful women, the photographer shot the women’s really beauty

Steve McCurry

American, b. 1950

INDIA. Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 2010. Blue City.


This photo I liked it cause it’s color, I usually easy attack by the color of photo, this photo all for blue, I don’t know that India city color really in blue or add the color in final, but this photo shot is very beautiful, we can see the photographer shot this photo by two people overseeing the city, they in black and red and the color more dark, this photo shot time in the afternoon, we cannot see anymore shine in this photo, we can see the city in the afternoon is very peaceful and it’s the good place for travel, the orange light makes city more beautiful.



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