week 6 RF

Jim Goldberg

American, b. 1953

USA. Los Angeles. 2001. Ziyi ZHANG, behind steam.


I’d love this photo because this photo shot the beautiful women come from China, she is a movie star and she is really beautiful and famous, photographer shot her in the moment she see the camera , and she smile in the moment very beautiful. The shot place is dark maybe in the room or some bar, usually the bar light grayer and not clear. Photographer shot her after the other people, the one sit front her and smoke, the smoke surround her and makes her in the smoke, the image more red color, red color makes photo more warm and balance with her smile. And the smoke make the shadow on her face and body, covering make her more gentle, I’d love this women so I ‘d love this image.

Eli Reed

American, b. 1946

USA. 1998. Pool legend Jeanette LEE, known as “The Black Widow.”


I find I really like the photo for women, this woman is really cool in image, I think the time in the noon we cannot see more light in, the women wears in black sitting in the back yard chair. The photographer changed photo more dark in green and the shadow can makes women cooler in this image. The interesting thing is the lightest one thing in photo not the women is her sitting chair. Also, photographer not changed the model skin more bright, the shadows more make the model out looking most strength. The photographer shot is very good. Usually the women sitting on the chair is really normal. But he changed light can makes photo more specialist



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