week 7 RF

Chris Steele-Perkins

British, b. Burma 1947

G.B. 1989. England. Hampshire. Cricket match.


I’d like this photo because it color, photographer shot the people playing ball under the sky. He shot lens very long and he can shot the all view together.This image shot is very special, the photographer shot the people playing ball using more sky for back ground, photo all in blue and people wearing white balance with the cloud, this photo showing in the afternoon, this photo showing people enjoy playing the ball and view very relax. But I think he want to shot the ground and he might think add people in it is better. The weak light makes people wearing shinny and balance with the cloud white shinny by light. I love this kind of color because people wearing color doesn’t make the photo strange and add it makes photo more comfortable.

Trent Parke

Australian, b. 1971

AUSTRALIA. New South Wales. Pacific Highway. Motel. 2006.


This photo still in ground, it shot for pacific highway, is same with last one all for blue view, but this photo is darker than last one. The photo time in the noon, I think noon shot can makes photo have more shadow and can make things more stereoscopic. I can see the cloud move by wind and the night come. The shadow comes close to the stand people. The doors on the ground from dark blue to weak blue and shadow make things refection more, seems I can feel the wind come. The sky becomes dark in dark blue and the cloud below together by wind. This photo shows the cold feeling for me but not serious. The cloud more white place relevant with the shadow not cover place makes me feel warm and suitable.



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