week 8 RF

Larry Towell

Canadian, b. 1953

CANADA. 1990. Ontario. Kent County. Mennonite.


This photo attack me is the girls hair in the first time. When I see it, I’m not attention in the background for plants, the girls hair shock me even this photo in black and white. They in one site seeing something, it’s very beautiful and cute, they in the photo middle and they all lower their head makes me really want to see what they find to see, girls hair in blond and bright by sunlight. Photographer use the rye for background was interesting; it shows more interesting in cornfield, also all the view fills in photo just half, the other is blank gives photo feel heavy and below. The photo from top to up is sky rye and girls, it can makes people seeing slowly from top to up and see the girls beautiful hair. It’s a better way shot skill makes people can see the point.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

(American, born 1951)QQ截图20150610014431

W, November 2003, #12, 2003


This photo is interesting when I look it. It shot the bride climb the ladder arranged marriage site, and the top light affect the light for shot light. Usually shot in room light is important, but this photo photographer focus on the bride fix the light is very special, he shot the bride seems stand in air and the blue with green light like the bride in the forest fairy. The bride dress seems very long for light shot, and the little best man at wedding was really dark contrast with white dress bride. In this photo, I can focus on the light not for the wedding area. The photographer shot skill let me learning the background shot can makes picture more sense of presence.



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