week 9 RF

Antoine D’Agata

French, b. 1961



This photo I love it and I choose a women in photo again, this photo not shot the women like other, usually photo for women it showing women’s kindly smile and sociably. However this photo shot the women smoke and skip the legs revealing under wearing and she seems very disdain. I think she sitting in the bar and photographer shot she in the moment. I think this photo background not interesting than this woman. This women makes me feel not bad also makes me think she is a very generous people, don’t care about other people think just do herself, and the back wall jumping horse may like her character makes photo bouncing feeling.


Untitled, 2006-2008

From the series Paris


Source(Website: https://www.artsy.net/artwork/william-eggleston-untitled-35/zoom)

I choose this photo firstly I just look the girl shoe and fall in love it, the picture color is very bright, we cannot see anymore, only the shoe and comic book in the eyes. Photographer use the floor tile for back ground, and girl red shoe formed a strong contrast makes shoe more bright. Also the comic book still bright but the lens focus on the girl leg and shoe, only shot the leg with red shoe is not simple in this photo I think is more interesting. This maybe the girl stretch leg in moment and photographer focus the leg shadow and shot it. And the leg just in the middle of the picture makes photo less missing feeling.



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